The Waka exhibition is being held in Changwon, so why did Doosan look for accommodation in Daegu?

 The ranking decision was exciting until the last minute. However, the side effects are also serious. Finding accommodation for postseason players is a difficult task.

The KBO League completed all regular season schedules on the 17th. The final rankings of the five teams advancing to the postseason were confirmed in that order: LG Twins, KT Wiz, SSG Landers, NC Dinos, and Doosan Bears.

However, the problem is the wild card game that is right in front of us and securing accommodation for the semi-playoff players. 4th place NC and 5th place Doosan will take a day off and play the wild card match at Changwon NC Park starting on the 19th. But there is no accommodation.

The 15th Asian Shooting Championships will be held at the Changwon International Shooting Range from the 22nd to November 2nd. To coincide with this competition, about 1,000 shooters from 35 countries around the world will come to Korea early and stay in accommodations near Changwon.

The NC team, the home team, has no major problems, but Doosan, the away team, is in trouble right away. The main reason is that the ranking decision was delayed and accommodation could not be secured early. Doosan’s ranking was decided on the 16th, but the opposing team was confirmed on the 17th. As a result, it was only on the 17th that they started to secure away accommodations in Changwon in preparation for the wild card match, and all accommodations close to Changwon Stadium are ‘fully booked’.

However, this is a situation where we cannot just wait. Right now, Doosan players must go down to Changwon on the 18th to prepare for the wild card match. Doosan field officials did their best to come up with countermeasures, and eventually decided on a hotel in Daegu as the expedition lodging. It is located 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Changwon NC Park by athlete bus.

Doosan players must travel 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus to prepare for the first game of the wild card match on the 19th. Unfavorable conditions for condition management.메이저놀이터 But I can’t help it. Since we cannot forcefully prepare accommodation in a short period of time, our ‘manpower’ is limited. This is the best way.

Even if the wild card match between Doosan and SSG was successful, there were difficulties in securing accommodation. Officials from both clubs looked into accommodations for players in the Jamsil and Incheon areas in advance just in case, but reservations were not easy. If SSG had to play a wild card match with Doosan, they even considered a round trip from Incheon instead of staying at accommodations near Jamsil.

Rumor has it that it is difficult to secure semi-playoff accommodation. The semi-playoffs are held in Changwon or Jamsil, and Changwon continues to be influenced by the shooting competition. In this season’s KBO League, the fierce battle for rankings continued until the very end, and in particular, as the competition for 3rd to 5th places continued until the end, a laughable situation arose.

Although the joy of advancing to the postseason is greater than anything else, the on-site officials are on fire.

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