Houston finally let go of the problem child accused of assaulting his girlfriend… Trade with OKC

Kevin Porter Jr. part ways with Houston.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 18th (Korean time) that the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder made a trade involving Kevin Porter Jr.

Oklahoma City gets: Kevin Porter Jr., two future second-round picks Houston
gets: Victor Oladipo, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

Immediately after the trade, Oklahoma City released Kevin Porter Jr.메이저사이트 He is a young gun resource who averaged 19.2 points in Houston last season. Why was he let go right away instead of being utilized by the team?

Porter has been a player whose skills have been outstanding since his college days, but who has been constantly involved in accidents. During his time in Cleveland, he was arrested for illegal gun possession and then had a locker room disturbance and an altercation with the general manager. In the end, he was traded to Houston for a cheap price.

Porter, who moved to Houston, played a key role in the backcourt, scoring 50 points in one game. Houston gave Porter a four-year contract extension worth $82.5 million and promised a long-term partnership. 

However, Porter himself kicked the luck that rolled in. Less than a year after signing his extended contract, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. In the end, Houston general manager Raphael Stone announced the breakup, saying the team could not accompany Porter. 

From Houston’s perspective, they were concerned about Porter’s mental issues and had already placed a strong safety net on him at the time of his extension contract. Porter was paid $15.86 million in salary in the first year of his contract, but the guaranteed amount was reduced significantly in his second season, and the final two years were completely non-guaranteed. However, there was a setback to the plan to open the regular season with less than a week left.

It appears that it will not be easy for Porter, who suffered major accidents in succession for two teams, to return to the NBA stage. First of all, it is highly likely that he will be punished depending on the outcome of the trial on charges of assaulting his girlfriend. 

Oladipo, who was included as a replacement, was traded from Miami to Oklahoma City last July and will return to Houston, where he played in the past. However, it is unclear whether he will play in the beginning of the season due to knee surgery in late April. Robinson-Earl is a big man prospect entering his third year and averaged 6.8 points and 4.2 rebounds last season.

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