What about Taehyung! ‘Direct rebuttal’ to Ronaldo’s charge of adultery after ‘hugging’ a woman in Iran… Rather, “deserve praise and respect”

 A person has appeared who directly contradicts the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo could be flogged.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 15th (Korean time) that 먹튀검증‘the Iranian embassy in Spain strongly denied reports that Ronaldo could be punished with 99 lashes for adultery.’

According to Mundo Deportivo, Iranian media viewed his embrace of international painter Fatima Hamimi during his visit to Iran in September as a ‘criminal crime’, leading Iranian lawyers to file a legal complaint against Ronaldo.

Ronaldo expressed his gratitude after receiving two paintings from the artist, but under Iranian law, physical contact with a woman who is not his spouse can be punished as adultery.

In response, Iranian judicial authorities said that if Ronaldo re-enters Iran, he would be flogged, which the Iranian embassy strongly denied.

The Iranian embassy said in a statement: ‘We are concerned that the disclosure of such groundless news could overshadow crimes against humanity and war crimes against the oppressed Palestinian state.’

He said, ‘The sincere and humane meeting between Hamami and Ronaldo was praised and respected by both the people and the national sports authorities.’

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