Female players representing the K-League gather together! ‘2023 K-League Queen Cup (K-WIN CUP)’ held

The ‘2023 K-League Queen Cup (K-League Queen Cup’) hosted by the Korea Professional Football League (President Kwon Oh-gap, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Federation’) will be held at the Jecheon Football Center from October 14th to 15th.

The ‘K League Queen Cup’ is a competition that the Federation has been holding every year since 2010 to expand the base of women’s amateur soccer. In the existing women’s college student club soccer competition, K League clubs have directly selected players and formed teams since last year to participate. It was reorganized into an adult women’s futsal competition.

What is even more new this year is that the scale has expanded from 12 teams participating last year to 25 teams from all K-League teams this year, and the game format has also been changed from futsal to 6-a-side mini-soccer, making it easier for amateur players to participate with relatively simple rules. I made it happen.

Participating teams include Cheongju and Gimpo, North Chungcheong Province, where club employees play as players; Busan, where Eo Jeong-won’s older sister plays at Busan I’Park; Bucheon, where 2006 Doha Asian Games golf gold medalist Jeong Jae-eun plays; and Suwon, where the winner of the futsal competition hosted by the club plays. There are various types of events such as Daejeon and Daejeon.

On October 14, the first day of the ‘K League Queen Cup’, after the opening ceremony, 5 groups of 5 teams will be formed and the group stage will be held in a full league format.메이저놀이터 The game format is 6-a-side mini-soccer, which lasts 15 minutes (two halves), and there is no limit to the number of substitutions. After every game, there is an opportunity to socialize among the players through recreation, and a draw is held to enter the ranking tournament, where players can hear their entries and impressions.

The next day, the 15th, a ranking tournament will be held, and the team that wins the first place tournament final will be the winner. In all other ranked tournaments, a winner’s match and a loser’s match are held separately so that all participating teams can enjoy the tournament until the end without being eliminated early.

After every game, an awards ceremony and closing ceremony are held. Group awards include the championship and runners-up teams, and a new Fair Play Award has been added starting this year. In addition to the existing top scorers, an MVP for each group has been newly created as an individual award.

The federation is providing full support to all teams participating in the ‘K League Queen Cup’ by providing training support, travel, lodging, etc. In addition, the federation will strive to expand the base of women’s soccer and revitalize sports culture through the ‘K League Queen Cup’, and will continue to actively promote integrated marketing in connection with K League clubs.

Meanwhile, the ‘K League Queen Cup’ held this year is sponsored by Blade Creative, Jecheon City, Ring T, and Dongwon Saemmul, and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

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