Unbelievable… Is this a convention?

The Korean baseball team’s first game at the Asian Games, against Hong Kong, last night (Jan. 1)온라인바카라, had a lot of highs and lows, especially the umpiring calls that left many wondering if this was an international tournament.
Reporter Han Joon Kim reports from Shaoxing, China.

What plagued the national team was the 80-kilometer arirang ball, which can only be seen in social baseball.

The 150-kilometer fastballs were too slow for the batters to hit, and they couldn’t get their timing right.

There were also some ridiculous calls.

Kang Baek-ho’s well-placed hit was caught by the Hong Kong right fielder, and too many runners mistook it for a hit, which was the beginning of the problem.

“It should have been a ‘triple,’ with both the batter and runner out, but the umpire’s call left me speechless.”

“First he called a two-out runner on second, then he turned Choi Ji-hoon, the runner on second, to first, and finally he made a ridiculous call that put Choi Ji-hoon out and revived Noh Si-hwan, the runner on first.”

Graphic of the nationalities of the umpires in yesterday’s game against Hong Kong = MBN
It was the pitching staff that kept the chaotic atmosphere steady.

All five pitchers, including starter Won Tae-in, pitched flawlessly, and the steady batting lineup exploded in the final inning to create a 10-0 cold game.

Interview: Won Tae-in / National Baseball Team Pitcher

  • “I thought the atmosphere would be weird if we lost one run, so I did my job until the fourth inning, which was to come down with no runs….”

Won Tae-in on the mound. Photo = Yonhap News Agency
Standing: Kim Han-joon / Reporter (Xiaoxing, China)

  • “The problem is Taiwan. Taiwan gathered overseas players from the U.S. and Japan, assembled the most elite members and planned to overthrow South Korea.”

With a loss likely to prevent them from reaching the final, the team is determined to defeat their arch-rivals tonight.

I’m Han Joon Kim, reporting for MBN News from Shaoxing, China.

After the cold game, a favorite Zen spoon.ㄹ Photo = Yonhap News Agency
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Reporting by Bae Byeong-min, Editing by Lee Dong-min, Graphics by Lee Sae-bom and Lee Si-won

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