Chu Il-seung-ho, who missed out on first place in the group, is expected to face China as his opponent in the quarterfinals, a cloud over the medals.

Korean men’s basketball’s plan to win a medal at the Asian Games went awry.

Now we can’t guarantee that we’ll even advance to the quarterfinals. The probability of advancement is high. The problem is next. If they reach the quarterfinals, their opponent is expected to be China, the strongest power in Asia and the host country.

Korean men’s basketball lost 77-83 in the Korea-Japan match held in the final match of Group D of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games at the Olympic Sports Center basketball court in Hangzhou, 바카라사이트 China on the 30th.

This is an unexpected result. This is because Japan did not have a single member participate in the recently concluded Basketball World Cup. This is the second team of the national team. However, they lost after hitting 17 3-point shots. They struggled throughout the game with attacks based on spacing and well-organized defense.

Heo Hoon worked hard, scoring 24 points, the most on the team.

With three wins, Japan ranked first in Group D and advanced directly to the quarterfinals. Korea, which finished second in the group with 2 wins and 1 loss, was pushed to the round of 12. They will face the winner of the Bahrain-Thailand match to advance to the quarterfinals.

If they pass the round of 12, their next opponent is expected to be China.

Although China’s ranking in Group B has not yet been confirmed, China is likely to take first place in the group as it is a powerhouse aiming to win the Asian Games undefeated.

In this tournament, they are enjoying home advantage and receiving overwhelming support from their own fans. This is already a difficult opponent to beat, but it has become even more difficult. To put it bluntly, the color of the Asian Games medal could be seen as depending on when we meet China in the tournament.

Coach Choo Il-seung expressed regret, saying, “It was an important game with first place in the group at stake,” and Heo Hoon bowed his head, saying, “It was a game we had to win, of course.”

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