Magic open mouth on greatest PG of all time debate… “Curry, five championships – three Finals MVPs?”

Magic Johnson weighed in on the greatest point guard of all time debate. He exuded pride in his accomplishments. And it was well-founded.

Los Angeles Lakers franchise star and NBA legend Magic Johnson appeared on CBS Sports Radio on Monday to answer questions about the greatest point guard of all time debate.

The best point guard debate has been one of the most heated topics in the NBA lately. It started in late August when Steph Curry was asked if he considered himself the greatest point guard of all time, and he said yes. Pride enough for a top player. Of course, Curry didn’t forget to express his respect for the Magic.

Many fans, as well as NBA legends, were intrigued by the debate. The outspoken NBA commentator Charles Barkley went so far as to say that Curry would have had a tougher career if he had played against the “Bad Boys” of Detroit.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time greatest center, who played against the Magic, initially raised eyebrows by picking Oscar Robertson over Curry and the Magic in a broadcast interview. Abdul-Jabbar later corrected himself on social media, saying, “I chose Oscar Robertson, but I think Magic Johnson should be at the top of the list.”

바카라사이트In an appearance on CBS Radio, Magic spoke out. Magic responded by noting that Curry hasn’t reached the point in his career where he needs to. He won five Finals titles, three regular-season MVPs, and three Finals MVPs, while Curry has four Finals titles, two regular-season MVPs, and one Finals MVP as an active player.

The Magic tweeted, “Steph Curry is the greatest guard of all time with five championships, three regular season MVPs and three Finals MVPs. If he was first in assists in the NBA Finals, second in double-doubles, first in triple-doubles in the entire playoffs, and fourth in steals, he’s the best. But the last time I checked, he didn’t.”

Both players are stars who have had a profound impact on the NBA’s fortunes, both in terms of skill and popularity. Magic was a key figure in the league’s rise from the NBA’s dark ages in the 1980s, when he and Larry Bird formed a rivalry that elevated the league’s popularity, while Curry became the most popular star since LeBron James by leading a new trend toward shooting.

The Magic’s comments could be a huge boost for Curry, who still has plenty of time left in his career. Now in his mid-30s, what more can Curry accomplish before he retires?

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