“The medal is gold, the seat is in the center” One more game before going to AG! Ace Glasses’ burning will [Interview]

“I say it’s a gold medal, not a medal. My seat is always in the middle, and I only pick up things that are in the middle.”

This is his 14th quality start (6 or more innings as a starter, 3 or fewer earned runs) and his ERA is a career high (3.44). But now that fall baseball is on the horizon, Ace Gyeong is not satisfied.

Lotte won 7 to 4 in the 12th game of the season against Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 17th.

‘Captain’ Ahn Chi-hong had 3 hits and 5 RBIs, including a home run, and Park Se-woong fought back with 2 runs in 6 innings, completing the team’s 3rd consecutive win.

Park Se-woong plans to play one more game on the 22nd and then join the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. Park Se-woong, whom we met after the game, 안전놀이터 emphatically said, “As a Lotte player, it is my job to do my best for the team as much as I can.”

He confidently competed with his unique pitch. Park Se-woong smiled and said, “It was good to save a lot of pitches in the beginning. I’m glad I came down after 6 innings.”

The support fire from the batting line, which scored 7 runs through the 4th inning, was reassuring. Park Se-woong said, “I concentrated as much as I could, thinking that I should not lose my concentration just because the score difference widened,” and added, “I threw with a focus on getting results quickly rather than collecting runners in a difficult game. Then, I hit a home run from Pirella.”

“Maybe if it had been a tighter game, I would have pitched a little more cautiously. In today’s case, I was more cautious because I was afraid I would get walked and end up with runners on base. When I met Pirella again in the next at-bat (bottom of the 6th inning, 2 outs, 2nd base), the score was I threw in a direction that didn’t give away. I’m a little concerned about the disappointing parts at the beginning of the season, but the pace picked up again after the middle. I want to pitch one more game, and then return and pitch one more game. All I have to do is do my best. “

Before the game, Lotte acting manager Lee Jong-woon said, “Considering his chemistry with Park Se-woong, Jeong Bo-geun will start as catcher.” The good trend continued as expected, but unfortunately Jeong Bo-geun suffered a hamstring rupture while running base in the top of the fourth inning and was unable to play for the time being. Park Se-woong said, “I hope he recovers and returns as soon as possible.”

The Asian Games, which seemed so far away, are now just around the corner. Park Se-woong said, “Every game in the Asian Games is an important game. The most important thing is for all players to play as one. Of course, it is important to do our best, but more than anything, I hope we come back with our goal achieved.” emphasized.

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