“After my wife gives birth, I will run straight to the baseball field”… Su-bin Jeong is expected to be ‘busy’ on the 13th.

 Trying to kill two birds with one stone: work and family. Doosan Bears Su-bin Jeong is expected to have a busy day on the 13th.

안전놀이터In December 2021, Soo-bin Jeong got married to Sa Dong-hee, a priest she had been dating for about a year. Afterwards, new life came like a blessing. Ms. Sa is scheduled to give birth on the 13th. Jeong Soo-bin said, “They say it’s my son. I’m excited and looking forward to it,” and “I feel like I have a sense of responsibility. I thought he should work harder and get better at baseball and play for a long time.”

However, Doosan will play a home game against SSG at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 6:30 pm on the 13th. Starting center fielder Jeong Soo-bin strongly expressed his will to play. He said, “I will definitely come to the baseball stadium. However, I think I will have to watch the situation to see whether I will be able to play from the beginning of the game or whether I will be able to enter during the game.” “Because we are in middle school, we have to come and do well,” he said emphatically.

Doosan had 3 consecutive wins until the 12th and was ranked 6th (60 wins, 1 draw, 57 losses). 4th place KIA (60 wins, 2 draws, 53 losses) is 2 games behind 5th place SSG (62 wins, 2 draws, 55 losses). To advance to the postseason, you must place at least in the top five.

Jeong Soo-bin said, “We need to keep trying to win every game so we can change our rankings. We are checking the games of the 4th and 5th place teams from time to time,” and added, “I think that will motivate the players more.”

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