“I won’t be satisfied with the status quo,” says Jeon Sae-yan, who sees fierce competition as a motivator

“We will work hard to prepare for a season with no regrets.”

Korea Expressway Corporation created a miracle last season by going 0-for-2. Jeon played in every game of the regular season, scoring 198 points with an offensive success rate of 32.89% and a receiving efficiency of 32.95%, making him a key piece of the team’s championship puzzle. In addition, he has confirmed his stay with the team as a free agent after the season and is preparing for the new season.바카라

The team has been in Japan since August 29 for training camp. The team spent the first week or so practicing with sister club Toray, before traveling to Hyogo Prefecture for their second week on August 3.

All the players are working hard to prepare for the season, which is just over a month away, and they are also practicing with Japanese professional and college teams to get a feel for the game.

“I didn’t get to play many practice matches, but the Japanese team had a good targeted serve, so I focused on receiving every time I played. As I received a lot, my receiving feeling improved, and I think I will gain a lot of things during the training camp,” he said, mentioning the reception he is focusing on the most.

He also talked about how he felt about playing against a Japanese team with a good defense. “We knew they were good on defense. Despite the fact that their forwards are short, they were able to utilize the paint well and create offense. I felt that I needed to learn a lot about ball handling,” he added.

The lineup on the wing for Korea Expressway Corporation was much different from last year. Park Jung-ah, the mainstay, moved to Pepper Savings Bank, while Kim Sae-in, who had been playing for Altoan, traded with Ahn Yerim and switched jerseys with Ko Eui-jeong and Park Eun-ji.

Added to the mix is Thanacha Suksot (Thailand), a new Asian quarter this season, who nods to the much tougher competition for spots and says, “It’s a motivation for me. It gives me a chance to not rest on my laurels. My time on the court will depend on how well I hold up in reception. If I can show my strength in blocking, I think I can play longer,” she said of her changed mindset.

The team’s atmosphere and on-court weight have also changed. “The average age is much younger. We have a lot of younger players, so it’s more energetic, and the atmosphere is different,” he said.

“Until last year, I was relying on my older sisters more than I was looking out for the younger ones. I was busy taking care of my own needs on the court. But now I’m in the senior axis and I have to take care of the juniors. I have a lot of things to take care of while also having time to relax,” she said of her increased responsibility.

On October 14, the team will embark on a six-month campaign, starting with the opening game against Heungkuk Life. With about a month left in the season, “I want to get into a good rhythm. It’s hard to get back into a rhythm once it’s broken. I also want to take good care of my body,” he said of the areas he wants to focus on in the remaining time.

He’s also looking forward to the new season. “I want to have a season without regrets at the end of the season. I had a lot of regrets at the end of last year’s season. This time, I worked hard to prepare. I want to have a season with no regrets so that I can show what I have prepared.

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