29-year-old Tucson MVP returns to the Dinosaurs…how to fatten up a national-level outfield[Gwangju, MD].

NC’s expanded roster for next month’s first day has been outlined.

Manager Kang Myung-hyun announced before the Gwangju KIA game on May 31 that he will call up pitchers Han Jae-seung and Choi Hyun-jin, outfielder Jeon Jae-hwan, and infielder Choi Jung-won to the first team on June 1 against the Daegu Samsungs. On March 2, he will call up pitcher Kim Si-hoon.안전놀이터Kim’s call-up is a day late because it will be ten days after his first-team expungement.

The most intriguing player is outfielder Jae-hwan “Jae-hwan” Lee, 29. He was named the MVP of this year’s spring training in Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from Korea University and joined the team as a developmental player in 2017. He joined the team as an infielder but switched to the outfield.

Jae-hwan Kang/My Daily

Kang Myung-hyun’s initial plan for the outfield backup included Jae-hwan, Kim Sung-wook, and Futures FA Han Seok-hyun. Kim Sung-wook is on the roster for his defense, but Kwon Hee-dong, a late free agent signing, is the most prominent. Jae-hwan is also a right-handed hitter with a talent for hitting, which could be useful for NC.

“It’s unfortunate that Jae-hwan is a little weak against changeups, but he has plenty of potential to grow. He just needs to play more games. Kim Sung-wook is also in a bit of a batting slump, so if Jae-hwan can make up for that and keep the outfielders in shape, we’ll be able to operate more easily.”

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