We’re all dying because of you!…PSG press Mbappe to “sell players+promising opportunitiesX+sack staff”

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have issued a subtle threat to Kylian Mbappe.먹튀검증

French media outlet L’Equipe reported on 11 November (KST) that “Paris Saint-Germain sent a three-page letter to Mbappe. In the letter, PSG warned Mbappe that if he left on a free transfer, the club would not be able to promote young players to the first team and would be forced to sell players and lay off staff.”

The standoff between Mbappe and PSG has been escalating. The conflict began when Mbappe refused to renew his contract. Mbappe’s contract with PSG runs until June next year. PSG wanted to re-sign Mbappe to stay with them, but Mbappe did not sign a new contract with PSG. He publicly declared that he would not exercise his contract extension option.

He also made critical comments about PSG. Mbappe was named the best French player of the 2022-23 season by France’s L’Equipe and France Football. In an interview, Mbappe said: “In my opinion, playing for PSG doesn’t help. PSG is divisive,” he said in an interview. Mbappe’s comments hit a nerve with PSG, who were already feeling the sting of Mbappe’s issues.

In response, PSG played hardball. “PSG have sent Mbappe a three-page letter demanding he decide on his future by 31 July,” said British outlet The Athletic. PSG’s letter said the club had suffered a major blow by Mbappe publicly saying he would leave the club, that such matters should remain private and that he was wrong to make such comments during the summer transfer window.”

Mbappe doesn’t budge. Despite PSG’s pressure, Mbappe still wants to leave the club. PSG has also given up on keeping Mbappe. PSG has always been a club that relies on world-class players, but now the mood has changed. Even if they’re world-class players, if they don’t help the team in terms of atmosphere, they’ll let them go. Mbappe is no exception, and they’re willing to let him go.

According to European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, “Mbappe informed PSG that he would not be exercising the option to extend his contract until 2025. PSG are furious and plan to sell Mbappe in the summer transfer window.”

In the meantime, Mbappe joined pre-season training, but his name was not on the roster for the Asian tour. The list included PSG’s mainstays like Lee Kang-In, Neymar, and Achraf Hakimi, but not Mbappe. When Mbappe did not participate in the Asia Tour, transfer speculation resurfaced.

With Mbappe’s contract running out, PSG want to sell him this summer, otherwise they’ll have to let him leave for free next summer. When Mbappe was put on PSG’s selling list, a number of teams were interested. Real Madrid, as well as teams from Saudi Arabia and the EPL, began to be linked.

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal made a stunning offer. Al Hilal offered a €300 million (£426.5 million) transfer fee and €700 million (£99.5 million) in salary, and a year later allowed him to join Real. PSG, eager to get rid of Mbappe, welcomed the move with open arms. However, it appears that Mbappe wants to continue his career in Europe. Al-Hilal wanted a meeting, but Mbappe refused.

PSG’s suspicions grew. PSG were convinced that Mbappe had already agreed a free transfer with Real for next summer. Real had been trying to sign Mbappe for a long time. Each time, negotiations broke down and Mbappe remained at PSG. Real were prepared to pay €225 million for Mbappe, but PSG demanded €250 million. Real are not in a hurry. Mbappe has one year left on his PSG contract. After a year, Mbappe can leave the club as a free agent. If Real don’t sign Mbappe this time around, they plan to make him a free agent next year.

When Mbappe refused to re-sign, PSG threw down the gauntlet. They told Mbappe that if he did not leave the club this summer, he would not be allowed to play this season. PSG even removed Mbappe from the first-team training list. But Mbappe is not worried and is continuing with his plan.

This time, he used his teammates to blackmail Mbappe, saying that the team could suffer if they didn’t monetise him. PSG sent Mbappe an email. It said that if Mbappe left as a free agent, the club would not be able to develop youngsters into the first team and would be forced to sell players and lay off staff. The situation between PSG and Mbappe is not getting any better.

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