Golden State’s Klay Thompson on his clash with Devin Booker: “Four championship rings, unnecessary comments. I regret it.”

“I regret it”

Golden State Warriors star shooter Klay Thompson says he regrets his ‘four championship rings’ comment.

In a recent appearance on LA Clippers superstar Paul George’s podcast P, Thompson said, “I didn’t have to say that Devin Booker has four championship rings. 온라인카지노 I regret what I said at the time,” he said.

CBS Sports reported Thompson’s comments on 8 October (ET).

The game between Golden State and Phoenix took place on 26 October last year in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. At the time, Golden State lost 105-134.

With 6:31 left in the third quarter, Thompson collided with Devin Booker and was ejected for two technical fouls. It was the first ejection of Thompson’s NBA career.

At the time, Thompson reportedly said in trash talk, “I have four championship rings, what are you,” to which Booker responded, “You’re not back to where you were before the injury.

Thompson, who was not at full strength due to a long-term Achilles tendon injury, was held to an abysmal two-point performance on the night, while Booker exploded for 34 points.

Recalling the incident, Thompson said: ‘I didn’t play my game at all. I’m not proud of that game. Not to mention the four rings. We all have to admit we have moments of weakness. Devin Booker is a favourite. In Phoenix, he survived, he played well every season, and now he’s a franchise star.

Booker said after that game, ‘I like Klay Thompson. I’ve wanted to be like him since I was a rookie.

CBS Sports said, “The incident was not a big deal. Thompson spoke candidly about his feelings in an interview. The fact that he said he wasn’t proud of the moment was very impressive.

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