Key Terms

Free Agents

Free agents are Bedvetter users who have active profiles, but are not yet associated with any household. Free agents are interested in living in your building, but are still looking for the right roommate(s).


A household consists of one or more people who want to live together, or maybe already live together in the same apartment sharing amenities and accommodations.Households that are displayed on Bedvetter are incomplete; once a household is complete, it is removed from the site and directed to leasing.

Head of Household (HoH)

The Head of Household is responsible for accepting members who ask to join the household, attaching the household to a listing, and submitting a request to the leasing office/landlord for next steps in the leasing process.


Availabilities are the available units in your building that are ready to be filled. The units may be fully vacant or partially vacant (for example, if only one room needs to be filled in a two-bedroom unit).

Matching Preferences

Matching preferences are a list of identifying questions that each Bedvetter user answers to complete their profiles. Though users can be matched with others before completing their preferences, their matches may not be based on enough information to be relevant; therefore, we recommend that every user complete their preferences. These questions along with the underlying matching algorithm can be modified depending on the needs of your residents and your building.

Preferences Progress

Preferences progress refers to the completion rate of each user’s preferences.

Match Meter

A user’s match meter shows how well they match with the user viewing their profile.

Run Matches

As an admin, you can run matches for individual users and households to see how their preferences align with other users looking for roommates. You can do this by going to your profile icon dropdown, selecting “Run Matches,” and searching free agents or households.

Fully-Formed Household

A fully-formed household is a group of users who want to live together and have all attached themselves to the same household. Once a household is fully formed, the HoH will be instructed to contact the leasing team for next steps in addition to the household’s information being sent directly to the leasing team for proactive reach out.


For Bedvetter, a lead refers to a fully-formed household per the definition above.